Woodlandsonline.com – Montgomery County Democrat Chair Stonewalls Records Request

THE WOODLANDS, TX – James Noack, Montgomery County Commissioner, picked up a last-minute opponent as the filing period drew to a close yesterday. Lore Jones filed as a Democratic Party candidate late on Monday. It is reported that she filed by petition. Allen Blakemore, Noack campaign spokesman, offered these comments.

“The Noack Campaign made a simple request this morning to obtain a copy of the Ms. Jones filing application and any accompanying petitions. The response from the Democratic Party was less than satisfying. First, Party staff said the Chairman was not in and therefore they could not respond to the request. Second, Party staff indicated that the documents had been removed from the headquarters and were in the possession of the Chairman. Third, party staff said that all communications would have to go through the Party’s legal counsel – but refused to identify that person or divulge contact information.

“Just before lunchtime today, email communication was received that the Democrats were working to make the documents available at attorney Claire Lindsay’s office in The Woodlands sometime later in the day – but could not specify a time.

“All these documents are public records, statutorily available for public inspection. Republican and Democratic Party offices in 254 counties in Texas routinely respond to similar request and make them available. Montgomery County Democrats are stonewalling. The documents have been making their way around the county. Yet so far, no one has been allowed in inspect them.

“Political dirty tricks? Certainly, many questions remain unanswered.”

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