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Allen Blakemore
 Most Valuable Consultant

Allen Blakemore
 Most Valuable Consultant – Overall The most influential political strategist in Houston throughout the past decade can finally remove the city where he’s based from the banner headline on his professional resume and replace it with those three giant little words Lone Star State. While U.S. Senator Ted Cruz all but owns the spotlight at a time when ...Read More

Agriculture appointees connected to waived political fees

A political consultant for Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller donated nearly $40,000 worth of his services to the candidate during the Stephenville Republican’s run for the office last year — and then was appointed to a $180,000-a-year job Miller created when he took office. A second political consultant donated $76,000 worth of his services during Miller’s campaign, even though he was ...Read More

California Firm Is Party’s Go-To Team

SAN FRANCISCO—When U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer of California announced last month that she wouldn’t seek a fifth term in 2016, SCN Strategies was at the epicenter of the frenzied jockeying to succeed her. SCN has emerged in recent years as the go-to consulting firm for Democrats in deeply blue California. The firm, led by strategists Averell “Ace” Smith, Sean Clegg and Dan ...Read More

Austin braces for Tesla lobbying blitz

AUSTIN – Locked in a brawl with auto dealers, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is unleashing some of the most powerful lobbyists and consultants in the state to persuade lawmakers to make it easier for his company to sell electric cars in Texas. Ahead of the legislative session, Musk has assembled an all-star team of politically well connected forces at ...Read More

Dan Patrick Credits Victory To Social Media, Selfies, And Staunch Conservatism

AUSTIN, Texas — In a deeply conservative state like Texas, Republican Dan Patrick was heavily favored to defeat his Democrat opponent, Leticia Van de Putte, in the race to be Texas’ next Lieutenant Governor; especially, as many political observers predicted, a Republican advantage against the backdrop of President Obama’s plummeting popularity. However, the path Patrick took to that victory — ...Read More

Lite Guv candidates packing big bucks heading into homestretch

AUSTIN — The two lieutenant governor candidates are respectively sitting on multimillion-dollar war chests that will provide each the opportunity to splurge big on television ads heading into the final weeks of the election. Republican Dan Patrick said Monday his campaign had $4.3 million cash on hand as of the last week of September, while Democrat Leticia Van de Putte’s ...Read More

Dan Patrick leads Leticia Van de Putte in money race

By J. David McSwane American-Statesman Staff Lieutenant governor candidate Leticia Van de Putte has raised about $2.6 million since July as she tries to close a 14-point gap between her and Republican front-runner Dan Patrick, her campaign said Monday. In total fundraising since last year, the Patrick campaign reports contributions of more than $12 million, more than double the $5 million ...Read More

Faith voters, not Tea Party newcomers, lifted Patrick to victory

BY BUD KENNEDY Houston radio host Dan Patrick, now making himself heard statewide, wrote on Facebook last week that the “hand of God” lifted him to victory and the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor. Reporters, relying on different sources, credited the Tea Party. Patrick is closer to right. Texas’ familiar faith-and-values voters, not the liberty conservatives, turned out in ...Read More

Patrick Grassroots Army Produces Smoking Gun

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, mobilized his grassroots army last night to produce an audiotape of a David Dewhurst push poll.  Outraged Patrick supporters responded immediately. “Last night, the Campaign was notified that a particularly offensive push poll was being broadcast to voters all across Texas,” said Allen Blakemore, Patrick Campaign ...Read More

Sen. Dan Patrick well positioned to win Lt. Governor race

Sen. Dan Patrick’s general consultant, Allen Blakemore held a tele-conference this afternoon to discuss their victory Tuesday and the upcoming runoff. I had to laugh when Blakemore talked about Patrick winning the areas with people, eventually saying that David Dewhurst is liked by cattle and farm animals while Dan Patrick is liked by people. Ouch. You can listen to the tele-conference below: ...Read More