April 15 possible date for Julian Castro vs. Dan Patrick debate

Mark your calendar: San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro and Houston Senator Dan Patrick are tossing around April 15 as the date for an immigration debate.

Allen Blakemore, Patrick’s top consultant, told reporters Friday that the two sides are likely to settle on the mid-April date for their already much-ballyhooed showdown.

“I know those conversations were going on Wednesday and yesterday,” Blakemore said during a conference call.

Castro and Patrick have poked at each other on Twitter for more than a month about a debate in San Antonio, with Patrick even going so far as to release a video filmed in front of the Alamo calling out Castro.

However, the two have been unable to agree on a date, in part because Patrick wanted to generate a huge splash with a debate scheduled before Tuesday’s Republican Primary.

Castro, on the other hand, jockeyed to hold the debate after Tuesday’s election in an effort to guard against Patrick drumming up free publicity before a heated four-way Republican Primary for lieutenant governor.

On Tuesday night — as election results rolled in and it became clear that Patrick had thumped Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, making him the new favorite heading into a lieutenant governor runoff — Castro renewed his debate invitation.

“Congratulations, @danpatrick. Your anti-immigrant extremism impressed GOP voters. I said we’d debate after 3/4. So: 3/26, 4/14, 4/15 or 4/21?,” Castro tweeted.

Blakemore said Friday that Twitter traffic would indicate April 15 is going to be the agreed upon date.

And while the date is being finalized, discussions have also arisen about the location of the debate.

Castro originally challenged Patrick to a debate on the mayor’s home turf: the Alamo City.

But Blakemore said Castro’s camp later proposed a neutral location like Austin. That idea was shot down after some discussion, he said.

“It’s like going and holding the thing in Dallas. Why would you do that?” Blakemore said. “He’s the mayor of San Antonio. He invited us to go to San Antonio, so we’ll go to San Antonio.”

Castro’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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